A heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors

from the Holiday on 44th Steering Committee

Micheleen Kelzenberg

Camden Property Management 

Council Member Phillipe Cunningham and family

Jim and Diane Cain

Camden Lions

Katie Fitzpatrick

Tim and Debbie Nelson

Nonna Rosa

Bob and Sue Tennessen

Buzzy Bohn

Keith Dahl and Julie Gordon

Kirsten Johnson 

Noah Johnson

Warren Kaari

Christine Miske

Ellen Nelson 

Lois and Tom Prichard

Washburn McGreavy

Mark Wagner and Laurel Parrott

Camden Grocery and Tobacco 

Monica Colberg

Dancing Bear Chocolate 

Noreen Fontana
Hair Fair

Kathleen and Jeffrey Holmes

Monique Hussey 

Michelee Hussey Pearson 
Twyla Misselhorn 
Joe Mullery 

Brent Nelson 

Tara Newhouse 

Tammy Rose 
Tooties on Lowry 

Jodi Voelker

Rachel Warner